Wednesday, October 19, 2016

Bar set

I received this product for an honest review, the bar set is a great one from Magic Unicorn. It comes with everything you need to make the perfect cocktail. From the jigger to pour the liquor into the shaker. The pourers to put into the liquor bottles, a corkscrew for wine bottles, and the beautiful metal cocktail glass, you can put in freezer to keep it chilled, than serve your drink in. The set is complete all nice and shiny metal and looks great. You can find it on Amazon at • THE BEST COCKTAIL SHAKER SET: This complete Home Bar accessories set by Metallic Unicorn provides you with all the tools you need to create amazing cocktails at home. This 10 piece set includes: 1 330ML SS shaker, 1 SS double walled with cooling gel cocktail glass, 1 jigger, 1 corkscrew/bottle opener, 2 SS straws and 4 SS pourers. With this bar tool kit you can start making amazing cocktails for you and your friends at once! • VERSATILE DESIGN- PERFECT FOR ANY DRINK, FOR ANYONE: Impress your guests and simply WOW them with this set. No matter what spirit you like, with this premium large drink mixer kit you can definitely have it. Mix the drinks you love and create amazing Margaritas, Cosmopolitan, Long Island, Apple Martini, Mojito, Bloody Mary, Manhattan or just experiment with new drink combinations and have the utmost fun with your friends. • TOP NOTCH QUALITY: The Metallic Unicorn cocktail drink shaker set is made of the highest quality, 304 stainless steel and it is FDA approved, ensuring this is the best choice you can make. Thanks to its supreme quality, this bartender set will never rust, corrode or lose it shine. You may even clean these cocktail accessories hassle free in the dishwasher; their high quality will never let you down. • A UNIQUE PRESENT IDEA FOR HIM: if you are looking for a smart present for your friends, family or the man of your life, this is definitely a great option. Who would not like having a complete classy stainless steel shaker set to create refreshing cocktails at home? Offer this gift to any man and make sure that he will appreciate it! • FOR PROFESSIONAL COCKTAILS: This set equips you with all you need to create delicious cocktails at home. With a jigger for accurate dosage of your drinks and a 330 ML shaker, and 4 pourers to serve your guest with style, you can definitely make fascinating cocktails fast and easy. Serve them with a stainless steel straw in the supreme quality stainless steel double walled with cooling gel cocktail glass that only Metallic Unicorn offers and impress everyone with your delicious creations.

Alarm clock

I received this product for an honest review, I love that it has 2 separate alarm clocks, which works great for my boys who share a room and do not have to have 2 different clocks in the room. The alarm clock has an am/fm radio as well. The screen is large with led display and the lights can be dimmed or brighter with one button. The buttons are rubber and not a hard plastic, great for the kids. You can find it on Amazon at*Version*=1&*entries*=0 The large LED number display( 1.5 inch ) provides a high level of visibility, enables easy readability of the content on the screen. Now you can read the time and alarm easily, even from a distance. It is ideal for the elderly or the visually restricted. Digital AM/FM tuner: features a digital AM/FM tuner and 20 preset stations for simple customization, listen pop music, news or even weather forecast from your favorite radio station. Dual alarms capability and snooze : allows 2 alarm to be set for different times, Wake up to sounds from your favorite radio station or a buzzer. Additional snooze to counter oversleeping, simply press the snooze button once and go back to sleep. Nine minutes later the alarm will ring again Sleep timer : Sleep timer lets you fall asleep to your favorite stations without counting sheep or worrying about wasting power. The set will continue to play for the selected duration(10 to 90 minutes ) and then automatically switch off to a power-efficient Power Source and battery backup : Powered by AC wall outlet , 2*AAA battery needed for backup (not included ),Which to maintain your clock and alarm settings during a power outage, it will be reset to the correct time and date when the power returns.

Monday, October 10, 2016

Dog poop bags

I received this product for an honest review, Christmas Dog Poop bags, what makes a better gift than dog poop?!?!? Haha just kidding, but it's a great idea, especially for those neighbors you do not like, right? I love the bag holder, so you always have one with you and kept together, which you can easily restock once you get low. You can find on Amazon at YOU ARE NOT ALONE - Picking Up In Good Company dog poop bags, Santa picks up the poop and so do you, you're definitely in good company with 4 rolls of 20 bags per roll. 80 BAGS IN TOTAL KEEP THE POOP OFF YOUR HANDS, NO sticking your fingernails through a bag - your hands are protected from the dog poop by our GREEN POOP BAGS. No double bagging required, LEAK PROOF Dog Bags - Safe to put in your pocket or bag so you don't have to walk down the street displaying the poop EASY TO TEAR OFF THE ROLL, quit struggling to get each bag off the roll. No brute strength required Perfume Free (unscented) Not trying to cover up the smell, once in the bag you don't smell the poop. Easier on the Environment made with 2%D2W+HDPE

Bluetooth hat

I received this product for an honest review, it is comfortable and a simple Bluetooth beanie. It comes with a charging cable and a user manual. The directions are easy to follow. The volume is loud in the hat and I can easily use the hats buttons for the volume, changing through stations and answering calls. Find it on Amazon at