Monday, July 11, 2016

1 Liter oak barrel

I received this product for an honest review, I work at a winery and see the larger version at work, but at home, I want to experiment and do my own aging of wine or liquor. I am impressed with the quality of time and design of the oak barrel. I ordered the 1 liter, which is a nice start for me to experiment with aging alcohol. It sits perfectly on my wine bar and is a definite conversation starter. My next purchase will be the larger size up, these barrels are well worth the money!
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100% SATISFACTION GUARANTEE - We have the best personal barrels on the market because we build use new oak wood that last ages and we make durable stands, spigots and bungs to match. WE TREAT OUR BARRELS LIKE BABY'S - Our inventory is made on demand and is never left sitting around. All sizes are delivered to our customers wihAuthentic look comes from carefully crafted and kept wood to avoid damage that may cause spoilage NO LEAKS GUARANTEE- Our barrels have an air tight seal (try blowing into it when you get one) and will still be air tight after initial SOAKING AND CURING STAGES,if not send us a message and we will replace it. CHARRED TO PERFECTION - During the manufacturer process, each barrel is charred on the inside giving it a natural / wood taste which gets passed onto the beverage. ·VARIOUS SIZES AVAILABLE - Large, medium and small (height: 7.5" width: 6.25")