Wednesday, June 15, 2016

Stainless steel beer mug

I received this product for an honest review, the stainless steel insulated mug is great for hot or cold drinks. My husband loves the barrel look to it and it is definitely a conversation piece. I was pleasantly surprised that it is insulated inside for hot drinks as well. As included is a lid, even better!!! I love the mug and will be buying more for gifts for sure! Also included is ebook with many different cocktails so you can sip up your drink out of the barrel mug cup. Find it today on Amazon at Or on the company website at YOU'LL LOVE THIS BEER MUG...PERIOD - We promise...It's that simple. This mug is double wall air insulated and makes the perfect gift for any guy or gal that wants a solid mug for keeping your beer and drinks cold. It is large enough to hold a full pint of beer with enough room for head. PREMIUM 304 STAINLESS STEEL WITH "BONUS LID" - Made of kitchen high quality grade 18/8 stainless steel. The bonus lid fits snugly on the steel mug making it perfect for hot drinks and travelers on the go. Double walled with air in between, ensuring your beverage (beer or coffee) stays the cold or hot for a long period of time. Our premium and protected packaging makes the beer mug the perfect gift. HANDLE REMAINS ROOM TEMPERATURE - Regardless of whether the steel mug is cold or hot, the handle will remain room temperature meaning you can hold it for as long as you'd like. ZERO SWEATING WITH THIS MANLY STEEL MUG - Bar Brat Steel Coffee Mug does not sweat, so no need for a coaster. Place it on any regular surface to your liking. Keep it in the freezer and dishwasher safe! PERFECT MALE GIFT FOR COFFEE CUP & BEER CUP DRINKERS - Bonus lid is air tight and perfect for coffee and tea drinkers who are on the go. Doesn't matter what beverage you prefer, the Bar Brat Steel Mug is stylist, manly, elegant and perfect for any beverage. Bonus 101 cocktail recipe [including 9 cocktail coffee recipes and 14 cocktail beer recipes (ebook) to be emailed immediately after product is shipped.