Wednesday, May 11, 2016

Silicone gloves

I received this product for an honest review, I have other silicone gloves which are great use while cooking, but my hands inside the glove feel weird and like I cannot grip what I am grabbing. These gloves have a cotton internal layer which makes it easier like other pot holder gloves. The cotton doesn't affect the grabbing of pots on the outside with the silicone, so it's comfortable inside and out! Find yours today on Amazon at
ENHANCED HEAT PROTECTION: We've carefully designed our dual-layer gloves to maximize your heat protection from open flames and oven temperatures with an outer silicone glove and inner heat-resistant cotton layer. • MULTIPURPOSE VERSATILITY: The most versatile kitchen tool for baking, cooking and grilling, they can be used inside the kitchen for baked goods, by the grill for barbecue chicken, frying a turkey, or even the fireplace! • SUPERIOR NON-SLIP GRIP: Each of our silicone 5-finger gloves comes with textured gripping surfaces to reduce the risk of accidents. Never again worry about slipping plates, hot pans or steamy ovens. • ADVANCED HEAT RESISTANCE: Crafted with enhanced food-grade safe silicone that handles even the hottest temperatures and lined with cotton-soft insulation, you can protect your fingers and hands all the way past your wrists.