Tuesday, May 10, 2016

Pacifier clip

I received this product for an honest review, the designs are super cute and very much girlie! Any pacifier can easily be used and the clips can be used anywhere. They are stitched beautifully and will help with my baby on the way! The cutest baby ever is so true, and than one that you can write your babies name on. The pink is very bright and the artwork is adorable. They come in several different colors so it will make a great gift for anyone. Find ours today on Amazon at
The purple 'CUTEST BABY EVER' series features KiddosArt baby in some of the familiar and loved poses, in vibrant and beautiful different shades of purple. The unique unisex and modern design uses geometric elements such as colorful stripes patterns, purple and white checkers, circles, and is influenced by the magnificent Polka dots technic of the late great artist Sigmar Polke.The art also brings to life some of the most beloved children's symbols, such as birds, flowers, birthday ribbon, baby carriage, and most important, the unique design gives you room to write the name of the cutest baby ever, your own." KiddosArt (TM) is an American Brand, specialized in creative and fun baby accessories such as: Pacifier Clips, Pacifier Holders, Baby Monthly Stickers, Bibs, Bandana Bibs, Teething Toys, Nursing Covers and other products that will keep your baby happy and trendy. At KiddosArt we know that whenever it comes to children, you can never have too many pacifier clips. Also available at KiddosArt Pacifier Clip Collection: > American Flag > Flamingos > Flying Colors > Flying Fish > Jungle Theme > Mom's Love - Pink > Mom's Love - Turquoise Blue > Mom's Love - Yellow > Mom's Love - Red > Mom's Love - Puple > Mom's Love - Bottle Green > Owls > The Cutest Baby Ever - Green > The Cutest Baby Ever - Pink > The Cutest Baby Ever - Purple > The Cutest Baby Ever - The Toy Story > The Cutest Baby Ever - Turquoise Blue > The Cutest Baby Ever - Yellow > UnderWater