Wednesday, May 4, 2016

Duo board

I received this product for an honest review, I like to do cheese and wine parties, this board is perfect, it has the cutting board side, which I can get the charcuterie board set up, than I flip it over and it is my display board. You only want to make cuts on the cutting board side, because the display side cannot handle the knife. The board has two different colors and a border, so you will not accidentally make a mistake. This board is genius and I am super impressed! Find yours on Amazon at
Pratico Kitchen's Duoboard dual purpose bamboo cutting & bamboo serving board is not your average cutting board. Some cutting boards are great for taking care of cutting business. Some boards are great for entertaining & serving. However, no boards do both jobs well. Now you can get both functions in one board. ✔ HAS DEDICATED CUTTING BOARD SIDE - Bamboo cutting board measures 14 x 11 x 0.75 inches & features generous sized juice groove for keeping juices on the board & not on your countertop ✔ HAS DEDICATED SERVING BOARD SIDE - Flip the board over and you are ready to serve & impress your guests with a serving board side which features rich dark rustic & natural look made by heat treating the board ✔ IS MADE FROM PREMIUM BAMBOO - Professionally manufactured and made from 100% premium Moso bamboo ensures many years of use ✔ INCLUDES BENEFITS OF BAMBOO - Bamboo is stronger than traditional hardwood cutting boards & is gentle on knives. Bamboo is naturally anti-microbial and because it is less porous it prevents food and bacteria from forming ✔ IS PROTECTED BY LIFETIME GUARANTEE - If you're not satisfied with your Duoboard we'll NOTE * Serving Side is made only for serving & not cutting * Serving Side features all natural bamboo wood grain so each board is unique & will have different grooves & textures * Not dishwasher safe. Wash with warm water and soap and air dry. Periodically rub with mineral oil to prolong life