Monday, April 11, 2016

Led dog collar

I received this item for an honest review, this LED collar is great. The first thing that I like is that even though It states 4 hrs on charge life mine actually stays on for closer to 5 on a full charge. I usually put it to charge at night so its ready use in the morning. I have the Blue one but it comes in different colors. The Lights are bright and can be seen from quite some distance. I like this collar because where we live we do not have many street lights and many of our neighbors get distracted when they drive. This collar its not only an additional safety tool for my best friend but also gives attention to me while I am walking next to him. Find it on Amazon at
Bright LED lights for long range visibility USB rechargable so you don't have to buy batteries (recharging cable included) Weather resistant Made from high quality materials for your dog Flashing and continuous operation modes Comes in different sizes for all dogs needs xsmall to large Comes in red, blue and pink