Friday, April 15, 2016

Wine aerator gift set

I received this for an honest review. I love my wine and my wine accessories. I love for the tannins to release and allow the wine to breath. I have used this with a few of my red wines and the flavor really opens up! My husband said it was a bit complicated but he wasn't familiar with wine accessories. It has a stand to hold the aerator/decanter and a screen that will remove any build up, when you pour the wine, you can see the bubbles, and the flavor really opens up.I recommend it for wine lovers, wine drinks, and wine enthusiasts. Find it on Amazon at
INSTANTLY IMPROVE YOUR WINE remove "alcohol-y" taste out of wine and lets you taste the undertones UNIQUE DESIGN with Bernoulli Effect oxidize your wine with the perfect mix of oxygen with each pour CLEANING AND CARE AND IS DISHWASHER SAFE just rinse with water or you can put it in the dishwasher! EASY TO USE enjoy a rich, robust, fragrant glass of wine in minutes! just pour through the aerator PERFECT WINE GIFT SET for any occasion! housewarming gift or gift baskets wine enthusiast envy