Thursday, April 28, 2016

Putting holes

I received this product for an honest review, I love to golf and hate that in the cold upstate NY winters I ca not step foot on a golf course until May. These putting cups are great for practicing indoors. I have also taken them to work and used them around the office. I love that each are a different sizes which allow me to perfect my putting distance and improve my accuracy. They do not require any set up just some imagination on where to place them. They can give you hours of fun. I like that my kids can also use them. Overall this is a fun product. Find on Amazon at
Small, Medium and standard hole sizes allow you to practice your accuracy Slopes and ring height ensure proper weight of your putts. Hit it too hard and it will roll through, too light and it may not go in. Slope is different on each side of the cups to stimulate different types of putts. Toss them on the putting green anywhere to practice whatever putt you want. Comes with three sizes - 4 1/4 inches (standard golf hole), 3 1/2 inches and 2 3/4 inches