Monday, April 25, 2016

No tie lock shoelaces

I received this product for an honest review, my children are both into sports and my husband and myself enjoy running. What we do not like is having to stop to tie our shoes, it gets quite annoying. We chose the colors we would like and put them on our shoes. Included in the package is two shoe laces along with two locks and two end pieces. I did have a small issue with getting the laces into some of the shoe holes, because they were small and tight, it took about 15 minutes to get the shoes laced. After that the directions are very easy to follow, lining them up, getting both laces into he lock and cutting the hard plastic ends off and putting the end piece on. I am impressed with the ease of locking the shoes and they really do stay put while running, no excuses to stop to retie! You can find them on Amazon at Or on their own website
Life is an adventure and no matter where you are, you will never have to worry about tying your shoelaces again with the Original AKTIVX SPORTS® No Tie Shoelaces. Whether you're running a marathon or picking the kids up from school, our water resistant no tie shoe laces are the latest advancement in running footwear and accessories. AKTIVX SPORTS® Laces are perfect for Runners, Health and Fitness Enthusiast, Cross Fitters, Basketball Players, Football Players, Soccer Players, Baseball Players, Tennis Players, and Professional Athletes. Men, Women, Kids, Senior Citizens and even children with special needs will benefit from our laces which lock your shoelaces in place. Great for sensitive feet or those recovering from foot injury like plantar fasciitis. Once installed, these shoelaces will shave valuable time off your morning routine and help you get your day started even faster! 2016 AKTIVX SPORTS® Laces easily install on your favorite pair of athletic shoes in under 5 minutes. These locking elastic shoe laces are one size fits all. For the best fit, slip your shoes on your feet before installing. Each package contains 2 locks, 2 elastic shoelaces in your choice of 11 colors, and 2 Non-Slip Lace ClipsTM. AKTIVX SPORTS® Laces use the highest quality materials which conforms to your feet for better comfort and support as opposed to normal nylon or cotton laces. Because they reduce pressure points on the top of your foot, they help you feel better thus becoming more productive throughout the day. It is like wearing a new pair of shoes every single day