Tuesday, April 19, 2016

Large cutting board

I received this product for an honest review, the cutting board is extremely large, I was completely shocked when I received it! I am also very happy with the size because I like to host cheese and wine parties, I am able to slice the cheese and use it as the platter all on one with no issues. The handle is build into the board so I have no worries of it falling out. The bamboo makes the cutting board extremely sturdy, and after cutting on it, you do not really notice the slice marks like on plastic cutting boards. You can find it on Amazon at®-Large-Bamboo-Cutting/dp/B01COO702K/ref=sr_1_129?ie=UTF8&qid=1461056031&sr=8-129&keywords=wood+cutting+board&m=A2WOHZT4T2PRSG
Our cutting board is strong, durable, and made from 100% antimicrobial bamboo. The best cutting board that will not dull your knives. Easy to clean and maintain - Use hot water and soap to wash, then let the cutting board air dry. Easier to wash than a wood cutting board and safer than plastic. Natural and Eco-friendly - Bamboo products are made from 100% high quality recyclable moso bamboo. Seamless surface means 0 glue on surface and 0 formaldehyde contact with food; no any coating or dyes or any chemicals on the surface; made of complete natural organic bamboo, so you don't have to eat glue or plastic or chemicals any more! You can enjoy all the other benefits of bamboo cutting boards, like anti bacterials, strong and solid but light, easy on knives, eco-friendly, easy to clean and maintain, etc. So it's best gift for wedding, birthday, anniversary, Thanksgiving, housewarming, Christmas, Mother's day, Father's day, etc. It will handle all your needs, meat or vegetable, cutting or chopping or other heavy duties