Thursday, April 28, 2016

French press

I received this product for an honest review, I enjoy a cup of coffee every morning using my own personal French press, than my husband goes behind me when he gets ready for work and makes his own cup of coffee. Well things have changed and we are on the same schedule now, and one small French press doesn't work anymore. Who wants to wait while the other drinks... So I had to upgrade to a larger French press and this one is 34 oz which is perfect, we each get a cup of coffee at the same time! The French press matches my tea set too, so I can steep hot tea for our evenings. I have also used my French press for parties when I want to infuse fruits into an after dinner drink, it is large enough to make cocktails for my girls. Find it on Amazon at
FP Coffee Maker: Not just a great cup of coffee - quality you can count on and style you deserve. Finally, a coffee press that has it all: insulated thermal carafe; comfortable, easy-to-use plunger with fine mesh filter; elegant stainless steel finish; dishwasher-safe parts. When we say stainless steel, we mean it! Even the lid is double-walled to prevent heat loss. No hidden plastic parts. Start each day with the perfect cup of coffee. Impress your friends with the rich, flavorful brew that this press delivers. Coffee stays hot until you're ready for a refill.