Friday, April 1, 2016

Flag stand

I received this product for an honest review, the flag stand comes in 3 pieces that are easy to assemble, and of course the flag! Living in an apartment, I was able to use the stand on my patio, it fit well between the wood planked floor. The flag is small but it fits for the stand, and was also easy to attach to the completed flag stand. It is an accessory I am proud to have on my porch! Find it on Amazon at
COMPLETE SET - Get a beautiful two-sided American flag and a 32-inch tall, sturdy wrought iron garden stake. CLASSIC DESIGN - With the iconic flag removable, the stand has an "h" bracket spike for strength. SPECIAL FEATURES - Rubber stopper & anti-wind clip keep flags steady on the stand even when windy. HIGH-QUALITY MATERIAL - Unfadeable polyester flag & 8mm black wrought iron with a coated finish.