Monday, April 11, 2016

Elastic shoelaces

I received this product for an honest review, I was a bit weary for these elastic shoelaces, but they seemed to work, just not with all my shoes. If your shoes do not have the metal brackets, they do not seem to work, not all of my shoes or my kids have the holes surrounded by metal, so that's how we found out. For the shoes that did, it wasn't hard to put the elastic shoelaces in, you have to make sure you put them in order or they can't fall out while in use. I like the concept and they won't shred like typical cloth laces, and they're easy to wash being elastic. The different colors and sizes works for any shoe you would want to order them for. Find them on Amazon at
✓ FIT ALL SHOES - 8 different sizes, varied from 2.68'' to 3.86'', the longest available to fit most US footwear ✓ BUILT TO LAST - 100% high quality durable and environmental friendly silicone material that can stretch up to 1.5 times ✓ EASY TO INSTALL & LOCK - Innovative design with long tails to easily pull in and double hooks to make it stay put during strong movement ✓ NO MORE DIRTY SHOE STRINGS - FunLaces has blank surface which is extremely easy to clean ✓ FASHION COLORS - Unique colors customized by FunFitness - Rich Black / Snow White / Fiery Red / Strawberry Ice Pink / Neon Yellow / Vibrant Orange / Cyan Blue / Fluorescent Green and more to join the colorful party