Sunday, April 17, 2016

Drink coasters and ice molds

I received this product for an honest review, the ice mold makes perfect spheres, they take longer to melt than regular cubes. I really like the coasters which comes with a holder to keep them all in. My husband spilled a drink and all I had to do was rinse off all the coasters in the sink and dry off with paper towels. Super easy! Plus when they are in use, the rubber doesn't slide and you won't have to worry about spilling your drink! Find on Amazon at
PERFECT COMBO! - on top of our great coasters, for the same price you get an ice ball maker mold. add a stylish round ice balls to your drinks and elevate your drinking style while protecting your furniture - best set for summer! SIZE MATTERS - these big 4.3 inch coasters provides the best spill and condensation protection for your cups and mugs, we specially designed the coasters to have a solid grip without sticking to the bottom of the cup and special design To create easy detach 4 perfect sphere ice balls. ELEGANT AND MULTIFUNCTIONAL - double sided silicone patterns makes it suitable for any wood or glass table tops, coasters are heat resistant so can be used to put on hot pans or as handles to lift hot pots. EASY CLEAN EASY LIFE - just drop them in the dishwasher no worry it's dishwasher safe! made from Safe food-grade material; FDA Approved; BPA Free, so it can be used around food, and as spoon and spatula placement when cocking.