Sunday, April 10, 2016

Car side window shade

I received this product for an honest review, this is not a cheap window shield, it is heavy duty and can survive the winter air in northern New York. It has a black interior to keep it dark and cool and a white exterior to reflect the sun from coming in. You do not wet it and adhere it to the window and risk it ripping or falling off. One of the best things I like, other than it comes with everything for installation, you can mount it to the interior car window frame and while sitting in the car, you can roll down the window. I don't recommend it while driving, but it good when baby is napping and you do not want to wake them, so you chill in the car. The other positive is, you can use it top to bottom or left to right, for different size Windows! Find it on Amazon at
You're going to absolutely love these premium car window shades from DRIVE Auto Products, especially during this bright winter season. Why? Because they're simply superior to the competitors and here's why... You may have noticed other sunshades made of thin static cling material. Unfortunately, our experience led us to believe that material is not the best for your vehicle being susceptible to fall off glass in cold weather and wrinkle, with a less than luxury appearance. Instead, we made the conscious decision to put high quality PVC protective blinds on a deluxe roller shade. And we chose a white exterior to reflect sunlight, and black interior to reduce glare. It's tear resistant and gives you the high-end look we're all going for. And best of all, it stays connected because we give you 3 attachment options. Why don't others use it? Because it costs more to make. And ya, we could have saved money too but instead we set out to achieve a premium automobile side window sunshade without having to break the bank to get it to you.