Sunday, April 17, 2016

Car garbage bag and backseat organizer

I received this product for an honest review, having kids and driving a lot, they tend to make a mess and usually I'll grab a grocery bag, but they get holes and leak or do not contain the smell of trash. The car garbage bag fits on the bag of the seat and even holds tissue, for those unexpected surprises, allergy sneezes, spilling ice cream, stopping on side of road for emergency bathroom break, whatever he case maybe And it's leak proof. It also seals so you can keep the smell in until your next stop. Also included is a backseat organizer which help keeps the can clean and organized. I have used it for my sunshades, emergency umbrella, and some car tools in case something happens on the side of the road. You can find it on Amazon at
DISCOVER THE COMFORT OF TRAVELING WITH GRIEVO's CAR GARBAGE BAG & CAR ORGANIZER Tired of constantly driving in a dirty vehicle? Old coffee cups spilling all over your car's carpet? Your car tools scattered in the trunk? Only we provide a small car organizer for FREE with every purchase!! Grievo's car garbage bag and car organizer provide the best solution to keep your car clean and organized. Why choose Grievo's car garbage bag & car organizer? It's Monday morning- you spent the weekend traveling with your kids, you're about to drive to work, but then discover a messy, dirty and smelly car!! Here are some of Grievo's benefits: *Easy to install and can be used in any vehicle. *Made with high quality materials. *Waterproof- no leaks or spills. *Tissue holder placed conveniently so that the tissues are easily reached, used and discarded. *Sturdy metal frame keeps the bag from falling or flipping over. *Great for families with kids *Garbage bag can be closed to prevent bad odors.