Tuesday, April 12, 2016

Back seat covers

I received this product for an honest review, my husbands BMW is his baby, so when you put kids in his expensive car, he was ready to buy shoe covers because he wants to protect it as much as possible. Well that wasn't an option, so the back seat mats easily protect the car seat and he also bought some protective floor mats. The kids shoes may brush up and make a mess, but it is easy to clean and ready for next time. They are easy to install and if you need to transfer to another vehicle, no problem, unhook and good to go! These are amazing for all parents with kids and cars they want to take care of. Find on Amazon at
NEW RELEASE! A Gamechanger in the kick mat back seat protector industry by DRIV Auto Products, in partnership with XM Laboratories, has been custom engineered from top to bottom Strongest material on the market - and it's no comparison. Made from 100% fiber reinforced commercial-grade material chosen for its durable, washable, flexible, reversible qualities and luxury appearance (1 or 2 Pack) Revolutionary attachments are one of a kind for easy install. Proprietary quick-connect hooks easily clip onto headrests, much simpler than straps. Bungees hook underneath your seat, clean and sturdy No longer stress over the inevitable toddler kicks, wear & tear, havoc or muddy stains that comes with the territory of driving children! Your vehicle upholstery can now remain unblemished, worry-free with peace of mind we're all after Nominal size & shape based on market research fits more automobiles than any other. Large 18" x 26" product footprint is 15% more material than average kickmat. Dual-Sided. Valued for Simplicity. Tablet iPad pockets are overrated from our experience due to tendency of sloping and sagging along the steep angle of seatback. We prefer a simple, strong, and straightforward functional cover. Easy to keep clean just hose or wipe down. Waterproof. Tough. Long Life. Premium Quality Automotive Accessory