Friday, April 1, 2016

anti gray hair pills

I received this product for an honest review, my husband has more and more gray hairs showing up, and he wants to stay looking young as myself! He doesn't want to color his hair, so we would try a more natural approach and try the pills. He has just started taking the pills and hopefully we will see a difference with his hair color. All it takes is drinking 8 glasses of water and the pill, that is easy enough. He will get extra perks of all the vitamins that come in the pill. The bottle is a month supply being that he has to take 2 pills a day recommended with meals. The pills do not leave an after taste and are fairly easy to swallow. You can find on Amazon at
About the Product ANTI GRAY HAIR: Reverse the arrival of gray hair by bringing back your natural hair color. Our proprietary formula stimulates dormant pigments cell throughout the body to help to restore gray hair back to its original hair color. RESTORE NATURAL HAIR COLOR: Anti Gray Hair contains catalase which slowly diminishes from the human body as you age. The absence of catalase has been shown to promote the growth of gray hair. Our proprietary formula of Anti Gray Hair contains a healthy daily serving of catalase to help prevent the further growth of gray hair. SAFE AND ALL NATURAL: Anti Gray Hair is also loaded with all natural ingredients, B vitamins and minerals. This dietary supplement includes ingredients such as such as folic acid, phantothenic acid, catalase and biotin which helps promote strong healthy hair. MAINTAIN A HEALTHY LIFESTYLE: To maximize the benefits of this supplement we suggest incorporating daily exercise and drinking up to eight glasses of water per day. MADE IN THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA