Thursday, March 3, 2016

reusable k cups

I received this product for an honest review, sometimes I do not want to keep spending the money for the prefilled kcups, I just want my Guatemalan coffee, but they do not have that in a kcup to buy. So I can add my own grounded coffee into the reusable kcup, and brew my own coffee or I can even use my loose tea leaves. Easy to wash out and reuse for another time. This particular brand only works with certain coffee makers, so you will need to make sure it is compatible with the one you own. For our safety, they are lead free, hassle free and DEHP free. You can find them on Amazon at VERSATILE: Channel the inner barista by selecting YOUR CHOICE of ground coffee or loose leaf tea EFFORTLESS: A hassle-free approach to preparing a smooth, rich and flavorful blend YOUR HEALTH COMES FIRST: 100% BPA, Lead and DEHP FREE UNCOMPROMISED QUALITY: Stainless steel mesh design boasts increased LONGEVITY and FLAVOR preservation COMPATIBILITY, All Keurig 2.0: Models 2007 - Present / Note that K-cup ® possesses Keurig 1.0 backwards compatibility Product Description OUR VISION Unlock Keurig 2.0 potential with the innovative CAFFÈ VERDE eco-filter that preserves the authenticity of your own personal coffee roast, while respecting both the environment and your hard earned dollars. BUDGET LIKE A BARISTA Consider that a daily coffee consumer spends $300+ on Keurig capsules. If you were to replace wasteful capsules with a CAFFÈ VERDE filter and McCafe® premium dark roast (found at your local convenient store), you can expect a conservative estimate of 60%+ savings. WHAT'S IN THE BOX · 1x reusable 4-6 cup K Carafe ® · 1x reusable K cup ® · Includes stainless steel mesh designed for longevity and flavor preservation BARISTA'S MANUAL 1- Open lid and fill with favourite ground coffee 2- Close lid and press firmly around entire lid contour 3- Place cup in brewer with middle arrow pointing up 4- Brew and savour your own personalized coffee 5- Clean - rinse and insert in top rack of dishwasher