Thursday, March 17, 2016

Reflective vest

I received this product for an honest review, I love how bright the reflectiveness is and the extra hand or leg bands for extra protection. Myself or my husband wear the vest and wrist straps when riding our motorcycles in the evening. Or if the kids go to take out the trash when they get home from school, and it's dark, they throw on the vest, and know they will be seen by cars. It fits almost anyone because of the Velcro that secures it. And we love the little pocket in the front on the inside, I can just put my id in it and know if I need to pull it out, I know exactly where it is. Find it on Amazon at
BE SAFE, BE SEEN! * Features 3M Scotchlite Retro-reflective materials (don't settle for less) * Candlepower rating of 600cd/lux means you'll be seen from over three football fields away (over 1000 feet) * Pocket with zipper for keys, wallet, etc. * Breathable, washable mesh w/ 12 retro-reflective panels for 360 degree visibility. * Use for running, walking, bicycling, motorcycle riding, any activity where you want to be very visible to traffic whether in the dark or even in broad daylight. LIGHTWEIGHT, COMFORTABLE & FULLY ADJUSTABLE These 3M Scotchlite Reflective Vests with neon yellow mesh are great for anyone (men, women, kids) and come in three adjustable sizes (Small/Medium, Medium/Large, and X-Large/2XL). Our light weight fabric with multiple velcro panels allows adjusting for a comfortable, secure fit that will accommodate any sized user and fit over a shirt or jacket. *NOTE: Be sure to check out our size chart in the photos as well as in the description. THE DURABLE, MUST-HAVE ACCESSORY! This washable heavy duty vest is the perfect reflector vest for runners, walkers, joggers, cyclists, motorcycle enthusiasts, workwear, dogs, military, security, road work, even drivers (keep a vest and some wrist bands in the car to be safe in case of an emergency or breakdown) - anyone who wants that extra visible glow day or night! Strap this bundle's bonus pair of FREE Reflective Wristbands on your arm and you're going to greatly increase your visibility. GAIN PEACE OF MIND. This highly reflective vest makes walkers and bikers easily seen by motorists with high intensity reflection from over 700 feet away. Some users have even strapped a BlazeBand Reflective Vest on their dogs for safe night walks. And of course, there are no batteries to worry about! No more replacing the batteries for dead LED lights. With our Reflective Vest and bonus armbands you'll stay visible in any weather or conditions, rain or shine, summer, spring, winter or fall.