Sunday, March 20, 2016

Moscow mule 4 set

I received this product for an honest review, I am really impressed with the 4 piece set, from the hammered design, the way the brass handle is placed on the mug without looking cheaply made, not tarnished when I received it, and the beautiful copper mugs. The 2 things that need to be known to protect your mugs are, do not use in a dishwasher, always hand wash and do not use hot drinks, because you will get burned. These mugs are great for a Moscow mule or any cocktail you want to drink, they will even keep cold water, ice cold! You can find them on Amazon at
SET OF 4: Whether you're knocking back some Moscow mules, ginger beer, mix vodka or a nice margarita, our 4 16oz moscow mule copper cups are perfect to grace the occasion. EXCEPTIONAL QUALITY: We've forged these utterly durable Moscow mule copper mugs using a solid stainless steel hammered copper barrel for stupefying longevity. COMFORTABLE HANDLE: You'll love the ergonomic handle on the copper Moscow mule mug that'll give you total comfort as you kick back. INCREDIBLE CHILLING EFFECT: The ingenious copper design works wonders at keeping your drinks refreshingly cold. GORGEOUS FINISH: We've coated the unique hammered finish with a tarnish-resistant layer, for a beautiful luster that's second to none. Oh heavenly Moscow mules! That mix between ginger beer, lime, and a splash of vodka is almost legendary. But you can't knock them back in just any mug; that's desecration! You need one that is steeped in tradition; one that narrates the rich history of this brew with every swivel. And our Moscow mule copper mug set of 4 embodies just this. With its 100% pure stainless steel copper coated barrel, brass handle, and quality nickel lining, you'll be sipping using the finest copper Moscow mule mugs this side of Siberia. Spark a Smile! Want to give that pal of yours a gift that will wet at least three hankies with tears of joy? Well, our copper mugs for Moscow mules have got you covered! Once they see that insanely beautiful copper luster, once they behold that stunning hammered finish, once they get a taste of that mythically chilled cocktail, they'll be writing 'thank you' notes to you for the next decade. Here are some of the amazing benefits: - Excellent quality thanks to the pure stainless steel copper coat and nickel build. - Brass handle that assures comfort and durability. - Tarnish-resistant quality that preserves the jaw-dropping beauty. - Large 16oz capacity for total satisfaction. - Keeps drinks at that moan-worthy chilled temperature.