Friday, March 11, 2016

Metal rolling pin

I received this product for an honest review, I had a wooden rolling pin, but the handles broke off one side, so it's no use for me. The rolling pin is non stick and easy to use! It's also really easy to clean, hot water and soap and we are good to go. My kids like using it for their cookies when they need to roll the dough out! The rolling pin is very sturdy and I can use it for many different kitchen baking tasks! Find it on Amazon at
NON-STICK SURFACE - The smooth metallic surface WILL NOT STICK to your dough. Freeze the rolling pin to keep the dough cool, or alternatively warm it up in water. RollerMaster adapts to your diverse baking needs. HYGIENIC & SANITARY - The non-porous stainless steel PREVENTS cross contamination (unlike wood pins). It will NOT harbor bacteria or fungus. DURABLE & WELL MADE - Quality construction that will last many years. Stainless steel will NOT crack, split, or splinter. Smooth and fluid rolling. PREVENT WRIST STRAIN - Handle bars prevent unnecessary strain to your wrists, while still giving you control to create uniform and consistent dough. It's a natural extension of your hands. ZERO MAINTENANCE - Clean up is a breeze. Dishwasher safe. Will never crack, break, or scratch. No oiling or work needed.