Friday, March 4, 2016

Magnetic Screen Door

I received this product free for an honest review. The screen door brings small tacks that allow to to secure on a normal door frame. The mesh holes are small which stops even the smallest bugs from getting in your home but does not prevent you from being to look outside. It's very easy to both install and remove when winter comes around. The magnetic seem-slit is a smart idea which guarantees the opening to close once you have stepped through it. I like that with kids running in and out of the house this screen door keeps the bugs out. It is a great substitute for a screened door. Find it on Amazon at KEEP YOUR FAMILY SAFE from Pesky Insects - Powerful Magnetic Gap Free Seal Automatically Snaps Shut! • LET FRESH, HEALTHY AIR INTO YOUR HOME - No more doors left open, Slamming doors, Letting pets out! • INSTANT BUG MESH provides all the Benefits of a Traditional Screen Door, at a Fraction of the Cost! • INNOVATIVE DESIGN, QUALITY CONSTRUCTION - Magnets INSIDE the seam, highest quality mesh, full Velcro