Wednesday, March 2, 2016

Limm portable charger

I received this item for an honest review. First, let me start by stating to read the directions. There you will find valuable information like this item can get Hot when used; this is normal. I love the slim design,it can fit it in my pants pocket with my cell phone without having a bulge or carry it in my coat and it takes almost no space. The exterior is made of a leather like material. The adapters are easy to connect to any Android and Apple devices. The USB connection is to charge the device itself. It has 4 external LED lights with keep you informed of the power remaining on it. I like that I can travel with it and know that it will not die on me half way to my destination. You can find on Amazon at Charge on the go High Capacity: With 4000mAh it can give an iPhone 6 plus a full charge, iPhone 6 and iPhone 5S one and half full charges, one full charge to a Galaxy S6 or one full charge to most of the phones Ultra-Compact: Being almost the size of an iPhone 6, it can be carried easily and comfortably together with a smartphone in a pocket No Extras Required: Has a built-in USB and micro-USB cable and includes a micro-USB to Lightning Adapter so that you have everything you need. Bonus Micro USB to Lightning Adapter is removable and can be used with other micro-USB cables Universal Compatibility: Works with today's popular brands, including iPhones and iPods (5 and up), Samsung phones, HTC, LG, Android devices, GoPro and tablets, everything with a micro-USB or Lightning connection