Tuesday, March 29, 2016

Collecteables tea!

I received this product for an honest review and I am loving the tea from the collecteables. I received the spearmint and earl grey tea. So let's start with spearmint. The shakespearmint has Shakespeare as the head design, while the back tells you what you need to know, it's decaffeinated tea, all organic spearmint leaves, and the basic info about the company. This is the collecteables first print and flavor for their new tea books that are on kickstart coming April 3rd. The other flavor is earl grey tea which is their caffeinated blend of organic black tea with natural oil of bergamot, the design is Agatha Chris Tea on a train sipping on tea. The tea flavors are amazing, the spearmint is perfect for my sore throat, as soon as you open the tea bag, the mint flavor is in the air, it is such a soothing flavor, relaxing me to sleep. The earl grey has a stronger flavor and gives me an afternoon boost, the flavor is subtle though. I enjoy these over the seven brands I have in my cabinet. I can't wait to buy the tea book, the storage space will increase and make it easy to have all my flavors in one spot. They will be featured on kickstart on April 3rd, but until than visit their website to keep up with all the new information.