Thursday, March 3, 2016

3D pen filament refills

I received this product for an honest review, my husband has so much fun with his 3D pen, this refill comes with a variety of colors and you will also receive an ebook with a lot of designs showing you exactly how to make them. For the price you get a lot of filament and it's worth it, and I have used the ebook and tried some of the designs, they are easily understood, my problem is I do not have a steady hand, so they're not the best. You can find it on Amazon at Product Description JoyCrafty ABS Filament - Bringing you 3D Filament fun pack for your 3D DIY project !!! Our Goal - To make sure you get premium quality and variety of colors with #1 Choice in ABS Filament. JoyCrafty Filaments comes with 14 different colors along with a BONUS 4 GLOW IN THE DARK COLOR AND 175 2D AND 3D PEN STENCILS eBook comes with all new unique designs you will enjoy it. This Pack includes following 14 colors: ✔ White (Glow) ✔ Green (Glow) ✔ Pink (Glow) ✔ Blue (Glow) ✔ Turquoise ✔ Grey ✔ Dark red ✔ Dark purple ✔ Violet ✔ Orange ✔ Dark blue ✔ Yellow ✔ Black ✔ Brown Note: Glow In the Dark: White, Green, Pink , Blue (These materials need light exposure for them to glow)