Monday, February 1, 2016

tactic game

I received this product for an honest review.. So Im going to be completely honest, my family enjoyed playing the game, the issue we came across, was it was a bit confusing on how to get ahead in the game, and when someone was able to move. The family cards were easy, but the number 8 with only 4 choices did make us wonder, again how do we score and move ahead... The adult cards were more confusing, because you didnt know which to talk about. We still had fun and enjoyed our family time together, we almost just started making our own rules to finish the game. Find it on Amazon at
Two types of cards make Family Alias equally challenging to both children and adults! There are special explaining styles for the adults that make the game even more hilarious! Tongue-Twisting Family Fun! Product Description Two types of playing cards provide an equal challenge for adults and children. Spin the spinner to see who your guesser will xbe and start explaining.For each correctly guessed word the explainer and the winner move forward on the game board. From the Manufacturer In this entertaining family game, you explain words with other words without actually saying the word that is being explained and help your team members guess as many words as possible within one minute. You may use clues, synonyms etc.