Saturday, February 27, 2016

Master pal Bluetooth speaker

I received this product for an honest review, I like how I can twist the handle to shape around anything, so I can listen to my music anywhere. Any anywhere really does mean anywhere, I can listen to it while riding my bike, taking a shower or walking the dog, or even at my desk at work.for being so small it does give a big punch of music,inversion rested by that! You can find it n Amazon at It's available in 5 different colors, but I stayed with the typical black The most significant feature for Telego wireless bluetooth speakers is its uniquely designed 'tail' for easy fixing on the go or form a stand for the speaker to sit on. The best bluetooth speaker that is such versatile and portable. Telego bluetooth wireless speakers are suitable for indoor use at home, office, bluetooth shower speaker and as outdoor bluetooth speakers outdoor such as camping, walking, hiking, picnicking, and use as portable speakers bluetooth on wheels such as stroller speaker, scooter speaker, bike speaker, motorcycle speaker, forklift portable speaker, bluetooth car speaker (bluetooth speaker for car). 2W loud and great sound quality mini speakers bluetooth wireless connection. Very small and compact mini bluetooth speakers portable in size, only 4x4cm (without tail), easy to hook onto the bag or roll up and store in the bag. Hands free! Built-in Mic, accept/ reject Calls. Make it much easier for you to use Telego bluetooth speaker system without needing to reach out to your controlling device such as smartphones. A truly bluetooth speaker portable to use. 3 hours playing time in one single charge. Telego wireless speakers also work while it is being charged up to support your desire for long playing Music without stop.