Saturday, January 30, 2016

Moth away

I received this product for an honest review, to keep my shoes and clothes protected from moths, and the smells is actually a relaxing smell. They have a good size and nice design, and are big enough they won't get lost. They have a rope, so you could hang them! OLD CAMPHORA TREE ROOT, STRONG SMELL, Rich aroma,Make your house smell good,Long-term effective.A year later, when you find the smell is not strong enough. Polished wood surface, the smell will be strong. CINNAMOMUM CAMPHORA ROOT BLOCK REPEL ALL TYPES OF INSECTS AWAY FROM YOUR CLOSET; Protect fine fabrics from harmful moths,it's an environmentally friendly and safe alternative to chemicals ,Camphor Wood blocks eliminates mildew by reducing the moisture in your shoes eliminates odors,insects and mildew,Bring the freshness of the outdoors into your home. THIS IS A 100% SAFE PRODUCT, natural and wonderfully scented way to look after your clothes, accessories and linens without resorting to moth balls and without giving in to the damage caused by damp and moths REPLACEMENT MOTH BALLS,Commercial moth repellents, such as moth balls or repellent sprays, typically contain naphthalene. If you want to use a more natural repellent, consider using camphor root blocks. ***IF THE SMELL IS NOT STRONG,PLEASE USE SANDPAPER ON ITS SURFACE.***12 sq. ft closet Need 4 pieces of camphora root blocks.Enjoy nature life. Product Description Why get rid of closet moths. The closet moth is an inherent enemy of our wardrobe. It is an insect of the butterfly family that develops following a process of metamorphosis that goes through the following phases: egg, larva, cocoon and adult, which is the insect that we know as moth. Although it believed otherwise, it is the larva of the moth which damages the fabrics and against whom we must fight to protect our clothes. The best ways to get rid of closet moths About Cinnamomum camphora (Camphor) Produced from wild collected old Cinnamomum camphora root, native to China, Japan and adjunct parts of East Asia. Although the oil extracted from the tree is much valued by the Chinese for medicinal preparations, the penetrating, fragrant odour is a well known preventative of moths and other insects such as Woodworm. Indeed natural history cabinets for entomologists are made from the wood. Older Camphor is bought by the Chinese at a great price and used in Home Furnishing but also embalming, being less volatile than ordinary Camphor. Desinsectization, mothproof, remover smell and moisture proof. Unlike chemical moth balls or moth ball equivalents, Fresh Cinnamomum camphora root block is natural and safe for your home and family. Its scent and pest-control properties come from its natural aromatic oils, so you can be sure that you get effective protection without harmful side effects and byproducts. Cinnamomum camphora root block repel all types of insects away from your closet,Such as harmful moths roaches ants spiders and other insects.