Saturday, January 9, 2016

Foot sleeves

I received this product for an honest review, the sleeves have a tight snug fit, so it helps keep pain and swelling down. They are good for many different activities including Walking Running Hiking Baseball Football Soccer and Other Field Sports Basketball Cycling Standing for Long Periods Sleeping I am able to wear them to work on my long 10-12 hour shifts and keep my feet from pain and swelling. I like the fit with the heel having a designated space. HIGH-QUALITY FABRIC AND PRECISION WEAVING - Provides Maximum Pain Relief Due to Plantar Fasciitis and Muscle/Tendon Stress. GRADUATED COMPRESSION FOOT SLEEVE - Promotes Faster Recovery in the Most Critical Areas, Helping to Boost Blood Circulation and Reduce Swelling THIN SOFT FOOT SLEEVE - Provides Comfort When Worn with Shoes or While Sleeping. BREATHABLE FABRIC - Helps Keep Your Feet Dry and Free of Bacteria and Mildew. MEDICAL-GRADE DESIGN AND CONSTRUCTION - Low Profile, Light Weight, and Superior Shape Give Your Feet Extra Support Where Needed. You can find the product on amazon at