Thursday, October 1, 2015

Wine a roo

Holds More - Goes Anywhere: Unlike other wine bags that claim to be 750 ml, ours hold an entire bottle of wine with extra space left over: 800 ml. Bring your favorite vino anywhere without the hassle of glass. Great for concerts, cruises, tailgating parties, boating & more. Leak-Proof Design: Made of thick, durable plastic with a secure screw-on top to prevent spills & leakage. Use the clip-on carabiner for attaching the bottle to backpacks, purses, or even a belt loop. Insulated, Multipurpose & Safe: Our BPA-free wine pouch is made from food-grade plastic/ink and won't affect taste. Insulated to keep wine cool longer; these reusable, eco-friendly bags are also perfect for water, soft drinks, juice & more. Includes Handy Pourer: Our Drop Stop Pourer allows for easy, no-drip pouring from the wine bottle into the pouch and from the pouch into drinkware. 100% Satisfaction Guarantee: If you ever have any issues with your bags, let us know and we'll replace them free. If that doesn't resolve the issue, you'll receive a courteous full refund! Bring your favorite wine to concerts & BBQs without lugging a heavy glass bottle. At 800 ml, our foldable, leakproof pouch is bigger than others so you can fit in an entire bottle of wine. Ever take a bottle of wine to a public venue-then have to toss it in the garbage after a security guard told you glass isn't allowed? With the Wine[A]Roo, you'll never have this problem again! This innovative plastic pouch allows you to safely transport and enjoy wine anywhere without the danger and inconvenience of glass. The Wine[A]Roo holds an ENTIRE bottle of wine... 800 ml (we don't believe in letting good wine go to waste)! You even get a free Drop Stop Pourer, which makes transferring your wine into the pouch easy and mess-free. Then, just screw on the cap and you're all set for a weekend at the lake, your family reunion, or that trendy BYOB eatery downtown! Our reusable wine bag is made of thick, no-tear plastic that stands up to use after use without leaking. When the party's over, the empty Wine[A]Roo folds up small so you can pack it away and bring it home. Just a quick wash with soap & water, and it's ready for more good times! Beautifully packaged-a great gift for birthdays, anniversaries, housewarming parties & more! Lightweight & foldable, takes up no space Holds 800ml of wine (an entire bottle) Wide bottle mouth for easy pouring Insulated, light-blocking bag keeps wine cool Great for other beverages, too Includes clip-on carabiner & pour accessory Stands upright when filled BPA-free & FDA-approved Easy to clean Durable, no-leak design Recyclable & reusable Freezer- and cooler-safe I received this product for an honest review, well I am in love love love with! Some places you can't have an open bottle of wine, but hey with the Winaroo I can have my bottle of wine with me. It's high quality made and I love the hook that is attached. Pour the wine, put in the fridge and its chilled or add the red and go. It's also FDA approved, eco friendly.