Thursday, October 1, 2015

Pur endurance About the Product Trusted by professional and amateur athletes everywhere Optimized hydration helps to reduce injuries and cramping Proprietary Bio-Availability works with your body's chemistry to provide superior nutrient timing Sustained energy without stimulants NSF approved-no banned substances, gluten or diuretics Product Description Flavor:Citrus Splash | Size:270 grams (5 Serving Pouch) Whatever your sport, you want to be the best at it. Proper training and preparation are essential, and being your best means being ready for anything that comes your way. PurAthlete products are uniquely formulated to meet the continuous training demands of the athlete. We use a patented combination of minerals for rapid absorption, balanced hydration, and increased energy. With PurAthlete, you not only train more efficiently, you recover faster. All of our products are banned substance-free, ensuring you are in complete compliance with requirements and regulations. PurAthlete: • Rapidly replenishes electrolytes • Enhances and sustains nutrition • Increases energy levels • Improves mental acuity • Promotes continuous recovery • Free of toxic chemicals • Banned-substances free No One Has Time For A Long Recovery Time. Get Your PurAthlete Endurance Today To Enhance Performance And Recover Quicker! I received this product for an honest review, it has a great flavor, I ordered citrus blend. I put 2 scoops in a bottle of water, shake and go. It doesn't leave a grainy texture nor does it have a horrible after taste! It gives me the strength to keep working out and keeps me hydrated. No feeling thirsty, exhausted, rundown or dehydrated. I recommend it for ladies walking their treadmill to men pumping iron!