Thursday, October 8, 2015

Premium travel security kit

EXTRA SECURITY - Tuck the bulk of your cash and valuables away in the money belt while using the neck pouch for daily use - Thieves will never know you have more to steal because you never had to access your money belt in public! MAKES AIRPORTS EASY AND CONVENIENT - No more fumbling through your hard-to-reach money belt to get your passport and travel documents. Just put them in your neck stash to quickly show to airport personnel. DURABLE, COMFORTABLE & LIGHTWEIGHT - Made of durable lightweight nylon, the undercover money belt and hidden neck stash comfortably hides your valuables - You'll even forget you have them on! MORE SECURITY OPTIONS - Want extra security? -wear both at the same time. Don't need to carry much but you need easier access? -use the neck pouch. Don't need to wear both? -give the other to a friend or spouse! SAFELY & SECURELY CARRY MORE - With a total of 8 easy-to-access pockets, you can safely and securely carry more with ultimate peace of mind. Product Description Your Complete Secure Travel Solution That Provides Extra Protection and Allows You To Carry More With Ultimate Peace Of Mind! By using two undercover travel garments at the same time you increase your security when traveling! Here's how: By keeping most of your cash and other valuables that don't need to be used daily tucked away in the money belt and out of sight, thieves won't even know you have one. At the same time, use the neck stash for daily use to hold your daily spending money and other items minimizing your loss if it was to get stolen. What's Included When You Buy Today? 1 Premium Fully-Adjustable Undercover Money Belt Made Of Durable Ripstop Nylon: - 2 zippered-pockets with plenty of room to securely store your smartphone, passport, photo identification, cash, credit cards, and other items - Separate mesh webbing inside the large pocket to make it easy to separate your credit cards, other foreign currencies, and other loose items from the rest of your items - Extended handles on the zippers make it easy to open and close your money belt lessening the chance would-be thieves will see you accessing your belt 1 Premium Fully-Adjustable Hidden Neck Pouch Made Of Durable Ripstop Nylon: - Can be used as a cross body bag in less-crowded areas - Allows you to quickly and easily show your airline, train, and bus tickets to the appropriate personnel - Comes with 6 different pockets that allow you to comfortably carry your passport, check book, airline ticket, bus pass, train pass, credit cards, cash, loose change, and much more I received this product for an honest review, my husband has to travel a lot and has had issues with his passport and wallet come up missing. Well I do not want that happening anymore, so I ordered these protective travel kit, he can have access to his documents without having to leave them at risk! The size is adjustable so if you gave a kid traveling or an adult, big or small. I recommend to anyone who wants to keep their property safe.