Thursday, October 1, 2015

Phase sports swimming goggles 100% RISK FREE GUARANTEE - If you have any problem with the product or service please contact us for an immediate Full Refund or Free Exchange, No questions asked! NO LEAKS... EVER!!! - These top goggles are totally leak proof! With our premium silicone gaskets that have the perfect amount of vacuum to keep your eyes dry and very comfortable ULTRA CLEAR VISION With UV PROTECTION - With our specially designed anti-fog coating, paired with our wide angled lenses to reduce tunnel vision and blurring really do make these the Best Swimming Goggles Ever and allow you to focus on enjoying your swim WANT THE BEST GOGGLES FOR A PERFECT FIT? - Phaze Sports offers 3 interchangeable nose pieces for the swim goggles so you can customize your goggles to feel comfortable and seal perfectly no matter your face shape. BEST GOGGLES CASE - Never worry about broken Swimming goggles in the bottom of your change bag again! Our Super-Strong Premium Swimming Goggles Case paired with the silicone/polycarbonate lenses are designed to handle it all... And lastly... they look Awesome and honestly, they are the Best Swimming Goggles Ever!!! But that that's just our opinion, we'll let you discover this for yourself. Tired of Poor Fitting Goggles That Fog or Leak? - Now There Is An Easy Solution! ADJUSTABLE FOR THE PERFECT FIT - Three Interchangeable nose pieces for ultimate customization for your face. - Swimming goggles come equipped with our super strong, extra thick for comfort, silicone strap, which is easy and quick to adjust and won't snag hair. PREVENTS LEAKS - Don't let dirty chlorine pool water irritate your eyes - Our premium silicone gaskets provide an excellent seal without too much vacuum, keeping your eyes dry and very comfortable. ULTIMATE CLEAR VISION - Our special anti-fog coating is designed to last for clear, mist-free vision. - Wide angle vision lenses allow you to see 180 degrees unobstructed without blur or glare so you hardly notice you're wearing them. OUR 100% RISK FREE GUARANTEE If you're not 100% happy with our product, please contact us at and choose from an immediate refund or an exchange for new product. All in all, these will simply be the Best Swim Goggles that you've ever had! I received this product for an honest review, I ordered this for my son for his winter swimming classes. They are made with high quality, great fit, and look good too! The tinted lenses are an added bonus for when he will be during summer swimming.