Sunday, October 18, 2015

Oak handle wine opener

I received this product for an honest review... It is definitely high quality when it was made. It can handle a punishing night in my pocket at the bar! It has had a couple falls and didnt break, bend or shatter. I love the design of the oak finish, and its a double hinged, making it easy for amateurs to open wine without breaking the cork. I highly recommend it for any bartender, wine enthusiasts and for the mom at home! POUR BABY - There's nothing worse than breaking a cork. Touting a Specialized "dual coil" design with a more than adequate worm depth, our corkscrew helps to neutralize the likelihood of a broken cork. Not to mention, it's dual-hinged to keep your pull as straight and stress free as possible. So, now you can pull and pour your favorite blend without concern that the unthinkable broken cork will taint that refined aged Bordeaux you've been waiting to try. FOILED AGAIN? - Once the cork is out of the way, you still have to worry about the foil. Wine is a delicate thing, and to ensure that absolutely nothing gets in the way of its flavor, our blade supports an inward curved, serrated blade to ensure that even the thickest foil is cut perfectly, leaving no tears or jagged pieces behind. Be confident in your tools, with X-Chef! THE GIFT THAT KEEPS ON GIVING - There is a huge difference between us, and those other lower quality bartending supplies. Besides truly being art in motion, we take the stress and difficulty out of opening wine; that should be an exciting experience, not one with over tones of stress and anxiety. The X-Chef Black Stallion Corkscrew is a genuinely great gift to give to the wine buff you know and love, or anyone in your family ABOVE BOARD QUALITY - The X-Chef's Black Stallion Wine Opener is considered the "Champion of Corkscrews" with a perfect five star rating and glowing recommendations from our ecstatic customers! A FINE FINISH - We know you'll love this Waiters Corkscrew, but just in case something about it just isn't your glass of wine, send it back to us within 60 days for a hassle-free, no questions asked FULL REFUND! We've fallen in love with this product and we know you will too. Enjoy comfort and security with X-Chef! Buy today. You'll be glad you did.