Sunday, October 11, 2015

Copper elbow sleeve

Product Description Primary Health Sports© Compression sleeve provide right amount of compression for everyday use. Elastic band keeps the sleeve from sliding down. Machine washable - use cold water. Do not use bleach or fabric softeners. Line dry. Copper elbow sleeves helps: • Stimulates oxygen delivery to the muscle. • Ease pain of Epicondylitis • Elbow support- Arthritis, Bursitis, Pain Relif • The compression provides better blood circulation and decrease muscle stiffness. Copper Elbow Sleeves are Great for : •Tennis Elbow •Protect Lymphedema •Golfer's Elbow •Volleyball •Footballl •Powerlifting •Benchpress •Basketball •Shooter Sleeve Size: Small 8-10(inches) Medium 10.5 -12(inches) Large 12.5 - 14(inches) X-Large 14.5-16(inches) This Copper Elbow Sleeves are Backed by a Lifetime No-hassle free Replacement Guarantee Contact us through the company email to receive FREE eBook. I have tennis elbow and carpal tunnel syndrome unfortunately. I ordered this to help so I can still play golf, tennis and continue to work with no issues. This really helps, it doesn't fit too small or too tight and doesn't slide off from sweats movement. I'm really intrigued with the copper products, I have tried a knee brace and the copper aspects helps, which made me try this, I'm glad I received this product for an honest review.