Sunday, October 18, 2015

Cocktail shaker

I received this product for an honest review! I was a bartender for years and have my own bar at home, I needed a good shaker and jigger. There are some that get stuck and you spill half the cocktail before getting the lid off or the lid cover comes off to pour your drink and the cocktail is in the top and spills. I have not had any issues with this shaker and I love the easy shape of the jigger. I recommend this for home or work! For the amateurs I love the cocktail book to teach them how to make drinks! BEST VALUE! Complete Bundle Set by Mixologist World - includes a Superior 3 Piece Cocktail Shaker 24 OZ Built-in Strainer / and a Great Quality Double size 1 & ½ OZ Jigger / a Perfect Recipes Booklet with Cocktails and Mocktails / also a Digital eBook with Famous cocktail Recipes - Which also work as a Boston shaker! ACCURACY» Perfect drink mixer kit for making ice cold cocktails such as Margarita, Cosmopolitan, Long Island Iced Tea or an Apple Martini, Mixologist shaker not only looks attractive and elegant but has been designed to last, from high quality stainless steel mirror finish, Guaranteed not to rust, leak or to loses quality properties in time! Perfect seal, holds up to 700 ml of liquid. AMAZING VERSATILE - Absolutely essential for making cocktails from a great variety of spirits you'll experience the improved taste of Scotch, Cognac, Port, Tequila, Whiskey, Bourbon, Vodka, Gin, Rum, Brandy, Sake, Liqueurs and Mixers like never before! Mixologist World martini shaker doesn't require any further tools. Certain To Be The Most Used Piece Of Your Bar Equipment! USER FRIENDLY- Prepare liquor flavor or non alcoholic drinks with your new bar equipment tool Designed to help you make your cocktails with ease , so that preparing the perfect drink becomes child's play, can also go in the dishwasher if necessary!