Thursday, October 22, 2015

Brick genius

I received this product for an honest review, my 11 year old loves Legos, well this isn't Lego brand but it is compatible with Legos, and the price is totally worth it. Legos are really expensive and I do not mind spending the money but to find a brand that has the same quality but gives more, I will take that anyway! It even comes with a brick separator, which is a huge help from moms who don't wanna break a nail or see their kids using their teeth. I love all the colors included! I recommend this for Lego lovers who want to save money but want good bricks! Brick Genius bricks are compatible with all Lego* and major building bricks Each brick has a guaranteed tight fit, so you are able to build and create in an easy and safe way NO FILLER--- this lot does not just include 1000 building bricks; it includes 1000 building bricks for optimal creation including 60 roof pieces and a free brick separator Brick Genius offers bold, hard to find brick colors including pink, purple, and light blue *These bricks are not affiliated with or endorsed in any way by Lego, a registered trademark of Lego Systems. Compatible with Lego - 1000 NO FILLER pieces - FREE BRICK SEPARATOR - Tight fit guarantee - STOP WASTING MONEY on expensive building bricks! Brick Genius building bricks offer a tight fit and fantastic building quality that exceeds comparable brands-as part of our money back guarantee, if you have any trouble using these bricks with LEGO or a comparable brand, we will offer a 100% refund. As building brick lovers ourselves, we know what bricks kids actually want to play with. Alternative brands fill bags with small unusable pieces to lower costs, but part of the Brick Genius promise is to offer NO FILLER at all or a full refund. To ensure the best value of any other brand, all Brick Genius lots come with a FREE BRICK SEPARATOR and 60 ROOF PIECES - that's more than any other brick lot on Amazon. Brick Genius bricks come with standard building brick colors, but also include fun, hard to find colors including pink, purple, and light blue!! Save money the right way by picking up the best building brick lot on the market.