Monday, September 7, 2015


The multimeter is one of the most basic skills in electronics. It is a good assistant to test and troubleshoot faults that exist in electronic device. This Digital LCD Multimeter Voltmeter Ohmmeter Ammeter will meet your demands. Adopting durable material, it is tough enough to be used for a long time. Besides, it can be used in measuring remaining capacity of the rechargeable battery, so as to check whether the battery is fully-charged. Features: - CMOS integrated circuit and dual slope A/D conversion, auto zero and select polarity. - It will auto turn off after starting up 25 minutes. - High reliable measure range and 32 gears are more effective to avoid false operation. - Support transistor add Diode test. Specifications: - DC Voltage: 200mV/2V/20V/200V +- 0.5%, 600V +- 0.8% - AC Voltage: 200V/600V +- 1.2% - DC Current: 200A/2mA/20mA +- 1%, 200mA +- 1.5%, 10A +- 3% - Resistance: 200Ω/2KΩ/20KΩ/200KΩ/2MΩ +- 0.8% - Display: LCD, 1999 counts - Fuse Protection: F-200mA/250V. - O"ng Temperature: -0C to 40C. - Over Range Indication: Only figure "1" on the display. - Polarity Indication: "-" displayed for negative polarity. - Low Battery Indication: - /+ display - Battery: 9V (include). - Dimension: 138mm x 69mm x 31mm. Package Includes: - 1 x Volmate LCD Digital Multimeter - 1 x Instruction Manual (English) - 2 x test leads - 1 x 9V Battery Notes: - Pls do not change the inner circuit to aviod damaging the ammeter - Do not connect it to the voltage over 1000VDC or 750VAC - Make sure not connect the error measure range - Pls do not use the ammeter if the back cover is wrong - Pls remove the pen and cut off the power before replacing battery and fuze. Diode assembly test / Transistor P-N junction test/Transistor hFE test Max AC Voltage Range: 600V Max DC Voltage Range: 600V Resistance Measurement: 200Ohm-2000K Ohm range Max Display: 1999 Low Battery Indication: - /+ display Continuity test with buzzer sound in circuit. Overload protection on all ranges. Sampling 2~3 times readings per second. Package included: 1 x multimeter; 1 x manual; 2 x test leads; 1x 9V battery › See more product details I received this product for an unbiased review. I ordered it for my husband for his tool set.