Friday, September 18, 2015

Ice cube storage

✔ STORE LARGE ICE SPHERES OR CUBES - Holds up to 4 - 2.5 in ice spheres or 4 - 2.25 in ice cubes - works with ice made from popular brands of ice sphere molds and trays (like the Praticube Ice Tray) ✔ QUICK & EASY ACCESS TO ICE - No need to fumble around with ice cube trays and molds to get to your ice, just grab a sphere or cube from the Cubby when you want it ✔ PREVENT UNWANTED FREEZER ODORS - East to remove cover lid keeps unwanted odors and smells from being asorbed into your large ice spheres and cubes ✔ DISHWASHER SAFE & PRACTICAL SHAPE - IceCubby is easy to clean, maintains the sphere shape of ice, and fits most freezers at 10.0 x 3.8 x 3.5 inches in szie ✔ LIFETIME WARRANTY - You're protected by a no-hassle free replacement guarantee Color:1 IceCubby Large Ice Spheres & Cubes Are Great The benefits of using large ice spheres and large ice cubes is that they keep your drinks cooler for longer without over diluting them as regular smaller ice cubes would. Storing Large Ice Spheres & Cubes Is a Pain! The problem with ice sphere and cubes is how to store them after you make them. You can leave them in the molds and tray, but that takes up valuable freezer space (especially if your mold only makes 1 sphere at a time). And plus, when you need to use the ice you have to spend minutes fumbling with them to get the ice to come out. Wouldn't it be great to just grab the ice you want and drop it in your drink? IceCubby Easily Stores & Protects Your Ice Pratico's IceCubby lets you easily store up to 4 large 2.5 in ice spheres or up to 4 large 2.25 in ice cubes all in one simple covered container. IceCubby's unique design maintains the shape of your ice spheres and cubes and give you simple access to ice when you want it. The cover not only protects your ice from unwanted freezer odors, but also lets you stack other items around it giving you more room in your freezer. Buy With Confidence All IceCubby's are covered by Pratico Kitchen's lifetime no-hassle warranty. If anything happens we will replace it free of charge. I received this product for an honest review. I ordered it because I want more than 4 ice cubes at a time. So I make the four cubes than put them in storage, it does come with slid to keep ice fresh and clean. Well my freezer is kept fresh, I also use the lid as more storage space! I think this product is awesome!