Monday, August 10, 2015

FSL Patriot Electronic Earmuff For Shooting, Hunting Ear Protection

FSL Patriot Electronic Earmuff For Shooting, Hunting Ear Protection Amplifies quieter sounds in your immediate surroundings, while blocking out deafening gunshots These allow you to have a conversation or listen closely to your environment, but still protect your ears 28dB SNR means your hearing is guaranteed protection at all times, whether hunting or shooting at the range Adjustable steel headband fits all head sizes, while ear cushions keep your ears comfortable Up to 30 hours of continuous use with 2 x AA batteries. Batteries included. 3 Year Warranty. Dedicated FutureSoundLab website for warranty and support Product Description With a high SNR of 28dB and the ability to block out gunshots while allowing you to hear quieter sounds, these are built with the durable, robust materials and will last you through the toughest conditions. The FSL Patriot Electronic Ear Defenders are the ideal choice for anyone looking for a new pair of sport electronic earmuffs. Protect your hearing without missing anything important These electronic earmuffs are designed to allow you to hear your friend talking beside you, while simultaneously blocking out loud gunshots. You can listen closely to your surroundings during a hunt, or hold a conversation at the shooting range, without having to sacrifice your hearing. Long usage time You can use the FSL Ear Defenders for up to 30 hours straight, meaning they won't be quitting on you if you're in the middle of a hunt or shooting practice. These run on standard AA batteries so it's easy to replace the power supply when needed. High quality materials and design make for perfect fit The FSL shooting electronic earmuffs are manufactured with durable, high quality materials that result in a comfortable fit for you, even with long hours of use. The steel headband is padded and adjustable, while soft, comfortable sponge makes up the ear cushions. What's more, the ear cup's design is non-bulky so it won't get in the way of your shooting. Lightweight and portable Weighing in at less than a pound, even with the batteries, these electric earmuffs will never be a hassle to carry around. They fold easily for storage in your hunting or shooting bag, and won't take up much space either. Protecting your ears has never been so space-efficient. I received this product for an honest and unbiased review. My husband works on a loud airfield, and he needed to be able to keep his hearing from all the loud engines and planes. They fit comfortably on anyone's head from child to adult. He can hear the guys talking to him and not have to hear the planes. I have worn them and they fit without pressing too much on my face or ears. My husband likes how the battery power amplifies the voices but not the background noises!