Saturday, July 25, 2015

Large ice cube mold

I received this product for an honest and unbiased review.... I love the mood for the large ice cubes, they take longer to melt for my drinks, especially my whiskey on the rocks. It is easy to pop them out without feeling like I'm breaking the mold like the typical plastic molds, which melts way faster. I can add the ice, pour the room temperature crown, for example, straight over the ice and you couldn't even tell. I have time to sip on it and finish the drink without it watering down my whiskey. My husband likes it because it only takes one cube to last for hours, and the kids like it because they can easily fill the mold and pop the ice out themselves! I love these and definitely recommend them for the whiskey drinkers or the koolaid kids drinks. ✔ LARGE ICE CUBES KEEP DRINKS COOLER LONGER - Extra large ice cubes cool your drinks longer without over diluting them ✔ LARGEST ICE CUBE MOLD ON AMAZON - The largest ice trays on Amazon are 2 inches with Praticube you get 2.25 inch cubes which means even cooler drinks ✔ SAFE AND EASY TO USE - Made from durable BPA-free and FDA-approved silicone no need to worry about unwanted smells and harmful toxins. Machine-washable ✔ GET CREATIVE - Not just for ice cubes, make frozen juice, coffee, or tea cubes - the only limit is your imagination ✔ LIFETIME WARRANTY - You're protected by a no-hassle free replacement guarantee