Thursday, July 2, 2015

Julienne peeler and brush

Bundled with Silicone Brush for brushing pastries, oil and barbeque - Peels vegetables & fruits in seconds - Cuts down on food preparation time - Great for Paleo dieters Hand-held julienne vegetable peeler & slicer has razor-sharp stainless steel blades for easy cutting Features a comfortable ergonomic handle for ease of use & less muscle strain Spiral cutter is dishwasher safe so cleanup is a breeze & comes with safety storage box Spiralize fruit or vegetables in seconds & create stunning, mouth-watering healthy dishes for your family If you enjoy preparing healthy meals for your family, this Julienne vegetable peeler will save you a ton of time preparing raw vegetables and fruit. See images above. The blades are made from razor-sharp stainless steel so they'll never rust. The handle is ergonomic so it's comfortable to operate. It's dishwasher-safe so cleanup is easy and it comes with a handy, storage box for safety. Prepare healthy meals in a fraction of the time you'd normally spend peeling, slicing, and cutting vegetables and fruit -Bundled with Silicone Brush for brushing pastries, oil and barbeque - Order yours today! I received this product for free for an honest review. I
It works! It did bend a bit when I was using it on a cucumber and I thought I broke it, nope it didn't, scared me but it survived. Think I was just a bit hard on getting past the peeling. The brush did get bbq sauce in the middle and was a bit harder to clean, don't let it sit for a while, need to wash it off as soon as your finished so nothing dries at the top. Other than that I'm happy with it!