Monday, July 6, 2015

Jaway tool 6 piece diamond files

These JawayTool file set ideal for precision work on carbide, glass, hardened steel and other difficult-to-machine materials. This diamond needle file set allows aggressive action with delicate precision making it a great tool for any hobbyists, machinists, gunsmiths, and jewelers. Its 6 files are cut faster and leave a smoother finish than ordinary steel files. The file set includes 1 flat, 1 round, 1 square, 1 flat taper and 1 square-and-half round files. Heat-treated high diamond construction is work on all natural materials marble, wood, stone, bone Excellent for stock removal in a variety of applications General purpose selection for home and professional use Handles features ergonomic shape co-molded material for better comfort and control Set of 6 files fits easily and securely into rugged, compact case. I received these for a free honest review, my husband loves them for his tool box, the case is very handy with a small clip lock, just be careful not to lose it. They have been used for filing down, screws that are stripped, drill bits that are overused and needing refreshing. All the different shapes and sizes they can get into small uneasy places that his Drexel cannot reach. A good additive for any tool box.