Saturday, July 25, 2015

2-tweez em stainless steel tweezers for ingrown hair

I Received this product for free for an honest and unbiased review... Occasionally we all get those ingrown hairs and these tweezers are perfect for getting them out without digging in the skin and making a scab or causing more pain. Or your young kids get a splinter and the tweezers are always too big and you need a needle to fight to dig it out, nope not the cause we these. They fit perfectly, with no fighting, and no pain. I recommend them for anyone young or old, for those private ingrown hairs or children with splinters. I've even used them to help with a thread that was coming loose and I needed to pull it through a needle. Many different use for anyone! ✔ PERFECT FOR SPLINTERS - Are you a magnet for splinters? Do you encounter splinters, debris, thorns, glass, metal, and other things embedded in fingers, hands, feet and legs? These stainless steel tweezers are perfectly aligned, hand filed calibrated and sharp tips that close evenly for smooth maneuvering around almost invisible splinters! ✔ INGROWN HAIRS AND EYEBROW HAIR- They are not just good for those troubled ingrown hair, but also for precision eyebrow plucking. They pick up smallest individual hair that standard tweezers would not be able to get to. FIRST AID-Important tool to have in any first aid kit. Keep one in your medicine cabinet and one for your toolbox. Can be used in conjuction with your preferred method of hair removal LIFETIME GUARANTEE try the TWEEZ'EM risk free. We honor our no hassle lifetime guarantee so if you are not satisfied, contact us and we will give you a full refund or a replacement...