Tuesday, June 16, 2015

Ander Blake 24 piece acrylic and oil paint brushes

VALUE ★: ★: ★: Complete Set of Paint Brushes, Great Price, Fun Product VARIED ★: ★: ★: 12 Natural and 12 Synthetic Brushes VERSATILE★: ★: ★: Different Sizes, Round and Flat Tips with Super Long Handles EASY ★: ★: ★: Includes Canvas Carrying Case, Makes Storing and Traveling a Breeze I received these for free for an honest review. I chose them for my oldest son, he uses acrylic and oil paints. They come with a canvas bag which they all have a certain spot, love that! There is natural and synthetic brushes round and flat, 12 of each, makes for a great selection depending on what you are working on. I haven't given him them yet, but I have played around with them to make sure they're sturdy. None of the bristles broke off or felt dull, that's a great start. I will update blog after he uses them, but you can find the company on Amazon for a great deal. #colorgallery Here is a link to buy them